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New VAN analyzer.
This software is suitable for rev3 of VanMonitor.

This is currently a beta.

It's includes a VAN packet parser and plugins. Right now, not all packets are decoded.

V0.1 beta features:

V0.2 beta features:

Current plugins:

Remote_Control v0.1:

VAN_Logger v0.1:

Virtual Display v0.1:


VAN_Logger will help us decode new packets. (I hope)

You can download it below.

How to Install:

Well, just unzip to any folder and launch Virtual_Dash.exe. No installation needed.


How to use:

Left click on the window and select File If you want to decode previously logged files or Com if you have connected the Van_Monitor.

If you choose Com, you can check "Send 'c' when open" to automatically send the "capture" command to Van_Monitor (not tested). You do not need to check this option if Van_Monitor is already in capture mode.

For VAN_Logger, Uncheck all addresses you do not want to see in the log window.
The Unknown Check box is here to display or not not listed addresses. They will be displayed in red.

Uncheck the "Log new packets only" to show all packets. If checks, only packets where there is at least one byte different will be shown, with the different bytes in red.

I've included a debugger, Dbmon.exe. Launch it before lauching the application to see all the debug information. You will see all received packets plus error messages. This will help me if something goes wrong.


Future version:

I'm also planning to create a "display" plugin that will use the display of the car to print some info (like the winamp song etc...)

Known issues:

Well, this is a beta version, and I did not fully tested it.


www.forum-auto.com : This is where everything started! This is the link to the thread.
rt3wiki.free.fr : The web site that contain all the currently known information about the VAN protocol. Includes the Van_Monitor schematics and source code.


Thanks to Piffo77, dwery, brouno and all the others! You rocks guys!



V0.1 beta, debug : download it here.

New version 0.2 beta. Download (dlls can be found on v0.1 zip file).

Sample VAN log file.

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